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The Agreement sets out the terms and conditions for the use by the User of an online payment service (MorPay) whereby the User is granted the use of an account (the MorPay Account) through which the User may buy an MorPay Card or its associated Cards (the Card) so that the User may subsequently use the Card to carry out online payment transactions with the Provider and with third parties.
The Provider shall provide the User with the means to make online payment transactions with the Card.


To buy a MorPay Card or its associated Cards the User must first register for the service and open an MorPay account which is then deemed as held by the User (the "MorPay Account").
Each User is permitted to hold only one MorPay account at a time, unless given a written permission to do so by the Provider. The Provider reserves the right to take steps to prevent or rectify such occurrence, including the closure of the account.
To register for an MorPay account, the User must submit to the Provider certain personal information (henceforth "Personal Information") that may be used by the Provider to verify the identity of the user where necessary. The User guarantees that the information provided identifies the User and is true, accurate and complete.
The Provider shall have the right to request proof of identity, proof of residence and proof of authorisation to use third-party payment services, including without limitation, credit and debit cards and bank accounts that the User may wish to use to transfer funds to buy a MorPay Card or its associated Cards.
The User undertakes to maintain and promptly update the Personal Information whenever the User's personal information changes. The Provider reserves the right to reject any registration and to refuse to open an MorPay account without reason and without explanation.
If any information provided by the User is discovered to be untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, without limiting other remedies, the Provider reserves the right to close the MorPay Account and terminate the Agreement.

User Data

For the purpose of the Data Protection Act (1998), the Data Controller will be the Provider.
Information relating to the User (henceforth "User Information") may be held on a database and used by the Provider for the purposes set out in this clause. User information includes any information which the Provider holds, now or at any time in the future and which comes from, or relates to: i) Registration to and use of the MorPay service; ii) Third parties, such as credit reference agencies and parties associated with the User; iii) Payments made by the User through the MorPay service, including the name of the supplier and the general nature of the goods and services paid for; iv) Verification of the user's identity, residence or authorisation to use third-party payment services to transfer funds to the MorPay Account.
The Provider may use, analyse and assess the User Information to maintain and develop a commercial relationship with the User. This will include the following purposes: i) Operating and administering the services the Provider supplies; ii) Financial risk assessment, money laundering checks, compliance and regulatory reporting and fraud prevention; iii) Identifying products and services which may interest the User; and iv) Understanding existing business and developing new and innovative products and services.
The Provider shall not disclose User Information to third parties except: i) Where the User's consent is obtained; ii) Where the Provider is required or permitted to do so by law; iii) To any persons, who provide a service to the Provider who have agreed to keep the User Information strictly confidential; iv) To any persons who supply benefits or services to the User under or in connection with this Agreement; or v) To identity verification, money laundering and fraud prevention agencies.

MorPay Account Fees, Interest and Bonuses

The Provider shall have the right to charge an administration fee, and shall also have the right, at its sole discretion, to waive any such fees. Prior to any administration fees becoming applicable, the Provider will inform the User of the amount and date from which the fees will be applicable; the User will then have 30 days from the date of notice to close the Account. Failure to close the account after due notice has been given will be deemed acceptance of the fees by the User, and the User is hereby giving consent for the Provider to debit such administration fees as may apply in such an event.
Where User disputes a transaction with another party, the Provider will not enter into the dispute in any way other than to confirm that the payment / service / product was made in accordance with the instructions the User gave to the Provider. Some Users may be eligible to participate in bonus programmes. Said bonus programmes, as to their conditions, amount and issuance, shall be subject to the discretion of the Provider, and shall be non-transferable and non-refundable. Any bonus offered by the Provider is limited to one per User.

Loading funds to buy a MorPay Card or its associated Cards.

The Provider will provide the User with one or more means of transferring funds and buying a MorPay Card or its associated Cards. The Provider may change the means of loading available to the user from time to time. Wherever it is in its power to do so, the Provider will give advance notice of at least 10 days prior to withdrawing any method of loading / payment/ to obtain a service.
The User accepts that the funds may not be immediately available for spending following the initiation of a transfer of funds to MorPay especially during the sell/ redeem of cards service. The User understands and accepts that the transfer of funds will be subject to the relevant banking and financial network delays.
The user accepts and authorizes the Provider to contract third companies on his behalf wherever necessary in order to make possible loading funds to buy a MorPay Card or its associated Cards. Also the user accepts and authorizes the deduction of any fee, charge or exchange difference collected by those companies and – when applicable – authorizes that these fees and expenses be deducted when buying the a MorPay Card or its associated Cards.
The Provider reserves the right to refuse to register or accept methods of transferring funds without reason and without explanation.
The Provider reserves the right to set limits restricting the maximum amount that the User may spend buying a MorPay Card or its associated Cards in a day or any other time period.

MorPay Card or its associated Cards

The Provider shall offer the User the means to obtain virtual Cards (AstroPay Cards). Each AstroPay Card is issued by MorPay, United Kingdom.
The User acknowledges and accepts that each/any Card if provided to the User for the sole purpose of allowing the User to make bona fide payments to the user’s chosen merchants or any associates, and the facility to make such payments should under no circumstances be construed as credit granted by the Provider to the User.
The User may at any time buy a MorPay Card or its associated Cards up to limits that may from time to time be specified by the Provider. The Provider shall make any relevant charges clear to the User before the User commits to the request to obtain a Card. The Provider will, upon the User's confirmation of acceptance of the charges, make available the MorPay Card or its associated Cards to the User with the specified amount loaded. The amount loaded plus any applicable charges will be taken the User loads the funds to buy a MorPay Card or its associated Cards. By requesting a MorPay Card or its associated Cards the User is giving consent to the Provider to store these funds and will also be agreeing to be abide and be bound by the terms applicable to a MorPay Card or its associated Cards as laid out in this Agreement.
Each MorPay Card is associated with an Expiry Date. The User shall not attempt to make a payment transaction or otherwise use a MorPay Card or its associated Cards beyond its Expiry Date.
After the Expiry Date any funds available in a MorPay Card or its associated Cards will be retained by the Provider, with no refund to the User.
Charges may apply to transactions made on a MorPay Card or its associated Cards. Where such charges apply, the Provider shall indicate these charges clearly to the User and seek the User's consent in advance of the User making the transaction.

Redemption of funds from the MorPay Card

The User can’t request a return of the funds held in a MorPay Card or its associated Cards after the redemption or sell request has been executed and the funds fully redeemed by the user into his chosen method of redemption. Any such requests will amount to re purchasing the MorPay Card or its associated Cards to use a new card.

Suspension and Closure of Account

The Provider reserves the right to suspend MorPay services for repair, maintenance, and/or upgrade work. Unless the Provider cannot do so for security or other reasons beyond its reasonable control, the Provider will give the User reasonable notice of such suspension.
The Provider reserves the right to suspend the User's access to MorPay until the Provider considers reinstatement to be appropriate in any case where the Provider is entitled to terminate this Agreement or suspects that there may be grounds to terminate it.
Where access to MorPay has been suspended due to a suspected breach of security, the User may contact the Provider to reinstate access, provided that authorisation credentials and/or confirmation of identity are presented to the Provider’s satisfaction and that the Provider is satisfied that the normal measures to prevent unauthorised access to the MorPay Account are in place. The User may close the MorPay Account at any time by contacting the Provider and by complying with the instructions for account closure.
Closure will not cancel any transactions which the User has previously authorised .
Should an Account with no transactions having been made on the MorPay account for 12 months, then the Account shall be deemed to have been abandoned. The Provider reserves the right to close abandoned MorPay Accounts without informing the User at any time. The Provider reserves the right to suspend or terminate the User's access to MorPay where the User does not use MorPay within a rolling period of 90 consecutive days. The User may then request reinstatement of access by contacting MorPay Customer Service. The User accepts that, unless the Provider unreasonably holds the Account in a suspended state following the User's request for re-instatement, the User's inability to perform transactions on the Account due to suspension shall have no bearing on whether an Account is deemed to have been abandoned as stipulated in this document.


The Provider may at its sole discretion serve the User with a notice under this Agreement i) by prepaid post; ii) by email to the registered email address; iii) through notices that appear to the User when accessing the MorPay service.
The User grants the Provider the right to send email relating to MorPay to the User's registered email address.
The User undertakes to notify the Provider of any change in the User's registered email address.
User undertakes to access the MorPay service at least once per calendar month for the purpose of being informed of the state of the MorPay Account and of any notices and information relating to the MorPay service that the Provider wishes the User to be informed of. The User also undertakes to check for and read any email messages relating to the MorPay Account sent by the Provider to the User's registered email address.
Notices served by the User under this Agreement may be made by writing to the Provider at the address defined above.

User Content

The Provider may invite the User to submit content within designated areas of websites operated by the Provider (User Content Areas) including, without limitation, online notice boards, discussion boards and feedback areas. If the User chooses to submit such content to such User Content Areas, the User shall be granting the Provider a perpetual, irrevocable, fully paid licence to edit such messages and use them as the Provider sees fit. The User shall ensure that the submission to and display of any content any User Content Area is not illegal, including, without limitation, does not breach copyright, cause criminal offence or defamation.
The Provider reserves the right to monitor User Content Areas and remove any content that it may wish to remove.


The User accepts and undertakes to pay the charges (the Charges) arising from the use of the MorPay Account.
Should the Charges change the Provider will notify the User. The User may ask us to close the account in which case the updated charges will not be applied from the date of receipt of the user's instructions to the time when the account is actually closed. Continued use of MorPay by the User following notification of the changes in the applicable Charges shall be deemed acceptance of the changes by the User.

Updates to these Terms of Use

We may make changes from time to time to these Terms of Use so please check back regularly to keep informed of updates. The latest version of these Terms of Use will always be available on www.morpay.org. Any new version of these Terms of Use shall take effect and will govern the use of www.morpay.org and your relationship with us immediately upon the date of posting. By continuing to use www.morpay.org, you agree to be bound by the terms of these updates and amendments.

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Limitation of liability

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